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Wet cleats aren't comfortable to wear or hard to play in. Luckily, getting dry cleats dry faster takes only a little bit of extra tender care and a few household items. Here's how to clean and dry your cleats: - Take out the insole and open up all the laces. You need to get as much air into the shoe as you can. You can do this with your hand or a rag.

- Next, take the socks and put them into the sock drawer with the dry socks in the sock drawer. Then, take all the shoes that aren't in the sock drawer and place them on top of your dry socks. This is just for your convenience, as the shoes will still be damp after you dry off your socks with a towel.

- Now that you've got your socks and shoes dried, take out the cleat that you're using and let it air dry. This should be done every time you wear them so the cleat will dry as quickly as possible. If you're not comfortable drying your cleat by hand, you might consider drying it with a towel. Just be sure that it's completely dry before putting on your cleats.

- In case you didn't notice, there's a tiny hole in your cleat. This is where the water seeps in and wears away at the inside of your cleat. That's why it's always best to make sure that you don't use the dryer while you're wearing wet cleats, since this can destroy the inner core of your cleat. Instead, just try to avoid wearing wet cleats while they're hot. You can also try to use a towel to keep it cool, but try to avoid letting it touch your foot.

- Now that you have the shoe dry, you need to take it off. If it's really cold, you could use a towel to keep the shoe on top of your feet for a few seconds, as it warms up a little bit. If it's too cold, you can always try to lay it flat against your foot and then remove it. For extra special occasions like camping or walking through snow, you can also wear your shoes in a pair of gloves to keep the shoe on top of your feet.

Now that you know how to dry cleats quickly, you should definitely use a combination of these techniques on how to dry cleats quickly. It should take only a couple minutes, but it'll be well worth it when you don't have to worry about re-cleating them again.


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