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Skull Crushers, also known as lying tricep extensions, is an ancient move typically done lying down on an exercise mat or bench with an EZ curl or dumbbell in each hand. You simply hold the weights over your head (hence the name) with bent elbows pointing upwards and use your triceps to straighten your arm and pull the weight towards the ceiling. This exercise has been around for a long time, and although not nearly as popular today as it used to be, still has its place in almost every strength and conditioning routine. Here's how to do skull crushers for maximum growth and performance.

The key to performing skull crushers for maximum growth is to get into a natural position (which can only be achieved by holding the weights over your head), make sure your elbows are pointing directly upwards, and make sure that you do not let the weight drop below your head. If you're doing these exercises incorrectly, you will not receive the most benefits possible from them.

When you're in this position, make sure that the dumbbells are hanging between your feet. Make sure that your knees are bent slightly and that your shoulders are kept close to your ears.

Now you should move your hands in a slow but deliberate lift. Raise the weights to just above your head, and then lower them slowly back down. As you do, you'll want to try to do these reps slowly. A good rule of thumb for doing this exercise is to complete three sets of ten reps per set.

To fully maximize this tricep extension movement, you should keep it in constant motion throughout the entire workout. Don't pause, just go through it as fast as you can. Try to do four reps per set on each side, which means you should alternate sides once, twice, and then again on the third side. until you are tired.

By doing skull crushers correctly and consistently, you'll notice an increase in both your overall size and strength, as well as an increased ability to perform different movements in your workouts. This is because a stronger price has more mass than a weaker tricep.

So what other exercises should you include in your routine when doing skull crushers? Well, many experts would advise that you include weighted dips, bent over rows, and even bench presses. All of these types of exercises help to increase the muscle mass in the tricep area, while improving your strength. Also, they're extremely effective at increasing your muscle density.

If you have already included a full body program for building the triceps and the back, you'll definitely need to add a full-body workout to your training plan. When you combine these two, you are putting yourself in a great position to gain the type of mass that you need to gain mass.


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