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Aufrufe: 3,2K Knee-to-knee crunches is a good exercise found useful to build your abdominals. Of course, it was initially designed for strengthening and tightening your abdominal muscles, however, can say that after several arguments, bodybuilding experts also found that knee-to-knee crunches are working effectively to lose stomach fat as well. There is no doubt that you know how to do Knee Crunches. But this time we will tell you how to do Knee Crunches, even though you don't have knowledge of this exercise.

Before you perform this exercise, make sure you have enough room on your knee joint. You can also perform Knee Cruncles on the floor, provided you have a comfortable place for it. Before doing the exercise, you should prepare your abdomen, by doing proper stretching exercises. This is very important because it strengthens the muscle and prevents it from getting loose and falling off. To strengthen your lower ab muscles, you can do some squats. To strengthen the side oblique muscles, you can do lunges, as well as other exercises that work on this area of your abdomen.

Now, just lie down on your stomach. Then, grab one leg with both hands and bend both knees until they are almost straight. Then pull up with your chest, keeping your legs straight. Continue to do this while letting go of your knees. You can also perform the same thing using both legs at the same time.

If you're interested in doing it in a different way, you can try stretching out the other leg behind you, making a V shape with the knees. You can even do the exercise on a chair so that you can keep your knees bent. In this way, you will feel the stretch throughout both sides of your legs, and you'll be able to tone them in the process.

There are many different ways to perform this exercise. However, this exercise is not easy, and you'll have to exert much effort in order to make it effective. However, it's not really hard. and difficult if you do it correctly. You can start performing the exercise by putting one foot flat on the ground before putting the other foot up in front of you. Once you're there, keep bending the knee until you can feel the stretch in the front leg.

As you continue doing crunches, make sure you do not let go of the legs. At the same time, take one of your legs with one hand and grab it with the other. Pull it up, keeping the leg bent. Keep doing this for a few repetitions.


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